Our teams

Our teams

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Agency, a graduate of CERAM, Sophia-Antipolis (06) ESC, Marketing option, 1985 promotion. Over 20 years’ experience in Communication, 18 working on the new technology market. A member of the Board of SYNTEC Conseil Relations Publiques since 2001 and Treasurer of the federation since 2004.

After experience in an agency and then with a software publisher, Florence set up her own Public and Press Relations consultancy structure in 1989. From the outset, she positioned the agency on new technology for the professional and general public sectors.
As the historic Press Relations agency for Microsoft in France, she orchestrated the main technological events that have marked the hi-tech market in France and, well upstream, took in all the turns of this market: the Internet, telecommunications, multimedia and audiovisual
Organised and methodical, Florence introduced rigorous, professional working methods into a sector with a relational bias, placing innovation and tools at the core of her PR activity, thus fostering the transfer of skills and knowledge in teams.

In addition to the management of certain accounts, Florence’s main tasks involve recommendations on strategy, the organisation of teams for assignments and assistance to senior management. Finally, as an Entrepreneur, she determines the main strategic directions to be followed by her agency and the relevant partnerships to be established.

Associate Director, in charge of the Public Relations, Events and Publishing Departments.
IUT Paris V Promotion 1981. 20 years’ experience in multi-sector Global Communication.

For 11 years, Patricia held various positions for agencies such as TBWA, RSCG, Faure Vadon Forest, Kaleido, etc. where she was able to work in the various sectors of the profession – publishing, production, audiovisual production, object-oriented promotion and publicity, public relations – for general public markets and industries (Alka Selzer, Burger King, But, Jacobs Suchard, Nordica, Société du Tour de France, Spring Court, Urgo, Vivitar…).

In 1992, Patricia joined Florence Gillier Communication to develop and manage customer services in the areas of Public Relations, Special Events and Publishing.

She is also responsible for the Management of User Clubs and Associations activity and also puts these skills to good use for associations within the framework of her personal leisure activities.

Associate Director, responsible for the Media Relations Department.
Graduate of the Ecole Française des Attachées de Presse (Press Attaché School) in 1987.

Valérie started her career with the Japanese manufacturer, SHARP, where she managed all press relations for the PC and office ranges. She then joined the French subsidiary of EPSON (SEIKO Group) where she was in charge of press and public relations for the manufacturer.
In 1992, she joined the BULL group and its microcomputer subsidiary, Zenith Data Systems, as Marketing/Communication Manager.
In 1995, she decided to join Florence Gillier, having known and being in contact with her professionally since 1989, to pursue the development of the agency with her.

Now an Associate Director, she steers and manages the Press Department, monitors customer satisfaction and contributes to the development of the agency.

Associate Director of Florence Gillier & Associes group and Managing director of Transversal

Jean-François settled his own consulting and PR agency in 2000, named Transversal that became a subsidiary of Florence Gillier & Associés in 2007. He handles PR and operations of consumer goods brands in food, wine & spirits sectors and also automobile and environment sectors.

With more than 25 years of expertise on the sector, as head of external relations for Cognac Martell; as Director of the wine & spirits department of a press agency, as the Director of the French glass trade association (La Chambre syndicale du Verre), and finally director of his own agency, Jean-François brings the PR group his interpersonnal skills and networks in the consumer and “life style” press and blogs, the French and international communities of stared Chefs and Sommeliers.